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Gabriela Leite Soares | @gabsnatorwb

Gabriela is the founder and lead organizer of TEDxDili. She is a globetrotter who loves photography, the beach, good books, baking, and discovering new places. She is enthralled with innovators and entrepreneurs who are fearless about seeing the world differently and dedicated to creating change. Most of all, she is passionate about contributing to the development of her home country, Timor-Leste through working closely with communities and government.


Jennifer Shin | @jenshinto

Jennifer is a co-organizer of TEDxDili. She is an indolent writer, obsessive home cook, novice freediver, and newly minted development professional with a humanities backbone. She believes that the best ideas are born out of unanticipated intersections between mindsets, philosophies, disciplines, and fields. This is precisely why she jumped at the chance to be a part of TEDxDili.


Prerna Choudhury | @talkingstache

Prerna is the Sponsorship and Budgets Manager of TEDxDili. When not playing with numbers, she can be found zipping around on her newly acquired scooter, attempting to converse in Tetum with taxi drivers, or trying to maintain neutral buoyancy while diving. A development professional, Prerna is passionate about promoting grassroots innovation and development. This is why she is incredibly excited to be a part of the TEDxDili team. 


Octavio Araujo 

Octavio is the stage manager of TEDxDili. He's a an art enthusiast who likes to travel and seeks outdoor adventures. Having lived and studied abroad for six years, he has a good understanding of cultural diversity and awareness of global issues. His participation in TEDxDili is motivated by a personal belief that today's inspirational talks and dialogues can provide means to achieve tomorrow's successful goals.


Gaudêncio Silva

Gaudêncio is the website manager of TEDx Dili. He must be a computer lover because even when he is not working, He'll keep starring at his computer's screen watching movies. He took part in TEDx Dili simply because he believes that ideas worth spreading.

Bernardino Soares

Dino is the video-production manager of TEDxDili. He is a professional Photographer, most of his works are photojournalism. He spent most of his time to train young Timorese about photography and everything else. Besides being a photographer he is also a musician and an artist. He took part in TEDx Dili  because he knows that ideas worth spreading.

Joia Leite Soares

Joia is the financial and marketing manager of TEDxDili.