Our Team

Gabriela Leite Soares | @gabsnatorwb

Gabriela is the founder and lead curator of TEDxDili. She is a globetrotter and a foodie who loves photography, the beach, good books, discovering new places and hanging out with her favorite people. She is enthralled with innovators who are fearless about seeing the world differently and dedicated to creating change.  Book that she just finished reading: Long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandela. Book that she is reading right now: Gamification by Brian Burke


Bernardino Soares

Dino is the video-production manager of TEDxDili. He is a professional Photographer, most of his works are photojournalism. He spends most of his time training Timorese youth about photography. Dino is also a musician and an artist. He took part in TEDxDili  because he believes in ideas worth spreading.



Gaudêncio Silva

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-11 at 10.03.56 PM.jpeg

Gaudêncio is the website manager of TEDxDili. He is a big fan of TED as he believes good ideas are worth spreading. 





Eka Lopes

Eka Lopes is the Event Manager of TEDxDili 2017. She also works as the Manager of the Tetun Department Program at the Lorosa’e English Language Institute (LELI). She is excited to be a volunteer of TEDxDili this year because she believes that ideas have the power to motivate and inspire people. 

In her time, Eka enjoys watching comedy shows, reading novels, tries out new recipes, goes on hiking, and traveling to new places.