Our Team

Eka Lopes


Eka Lopes joined the TEDxDili team in 2017 as the Event Manager, and now is the lead organizer of TEDxDili 2018. She loves travelling and discovering new places, trying out new food and meeting new people. Eka has been fortunate enough to meet a lot of amazing people working to improve Timor. She is now working to give these people a platform to share their work with others. TEDxDili provides this platform and is at the forefront of social change within DIli and Timor as a whole.

Bernardino Soares


Dino is the video-production manager of TEDxDili. He is a professional Photographer, most of his works are photojournalism. He spends most of his time training Timorese youth about photography. Dino is also a musician and an artist. He took part in TEDxDili  because he believes in ideas worth spreading.

Gaudêncio Silva


Gaudêncio is the website manager of TEDxDili. He is a big fan of TED as he believes good ideas are worth spreading. 

Maria AB Gama

Diza Noronha

Arsenio Ferreira

Arsenio is a leasing officer at one of the development company here in Timor-Leste. He loves meeting with different people with different mind set of ideas and opinions on managing a business. In his spare time, he loves to do outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and kayaking. He joined TEDx Dili in 2018 as a volunteer. He loves the idea of sharing is caring because people who voluntarily shares their ideas and knowledge to others are truly kind hearted. And he truly believes from “Ideas Worth Spreading” will motivate people to open-mind and take the ideas and knowledge for life reference.

Agapito Moniz

Agapito Moniz is an university student who is currently studying International Relations at Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e. He is very active and involves in various youth organizations; such as Timorese Youth Initiative for Development, ColaTeca and Movimento Ki’ak Serve Ki’ak. He joined TEDxDili to experience new waves of challenges. For him the motivation behind gaining new ideas comes is from nature’s itself by doing hiking and traveling, discovering new places. And through sharing the ideas to others will have a good impact to people around and to himself.